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About Agent Invitation

Agent Invitation is an exciting new service that transforms how home buyers and sellers find the right real estate agent for their needs anywhere in the US and Canada.

The service is entirely free to consumers and agents.

STAR Rating

We ask clients of our member agents to post a satisfaction STAR rating and comments directly on the Agent Invitation website. The agent can reply to the rating and client comments given, but cannot change them. This helps a potential client decide between agents that work in a particular area. We display agents with the highest satisfaction STAR rating first when you search for an agent.

Research Neighborhoods

We ask agents to post information about the communities they serve to help consumers find out about neighborhoods across the US and Canada. This helps you discover new areas and see which agents really “know the neighborhood”.

Anonymous Agent Proposals

Buyers and sellers can request proposals from any three agents they choose including agents not yet on Agent Invitation. No-one will call or knock on your door. We don’t share you contact information until you ask us to. We help you outline the services you need in this “Agent Invitation”, and the agents you select can respond with their offer including the commission they would charge.

We are not a real estate company and are not involved with your real estate transaction. We do not suggest agents or commission rates.

Our goal is to help high quality agents promote their services here so consumers can easily find a great agent anywhere in the US and Canada. We help our member agents reduce their costs and attract new clients that are a great match for their skills and experience.